Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reminder to GF, DF, and no coffee. Blah.

No wheat, no dairy, no coffee. This is supposed to clear any inflamation from my body. Not that I feel particularly inflammable.  The problem is that I just keep forgetting that I am avoiding anything until I have a few mouthfuls and then I have to say "MMphit!!". See, this is why I am blogging. Virtual peer-pressure.

On a more successful note, the sibs and I had ten minutes of faux-yoga to jumpstart the day. Dead Bug/ Struggling Bug poses. So glad we are not part of Big Brother.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finding my core

Gyrokinesis sounds like way more fun than slow, old yoga. Especially when one is surrounded by wildly kinetic children that would be likely to flatten me during the Warrior Pose.
"Search for areas of stress in your body". Let's narrow that down to the top ten, please.
"Breathe with each movement". Good idea since each movement also needs  a " Move over" and four "Stop that this instant"s.
"Search for your core, about 2 inches below your navel". Near the latte stain? Okay. There must be more to this