Monday, February 28, 2011

State of the caffeine

No coffee makes me less tired. Go figure. Water, veggies, eggs. Loads of fruit.

Going big with homeschool practice. Can we do it?

As the King of Hearts told Alice, it's logical to start at the beginning. So we started with Genesis and plan to let the rest work out on it's own. Heavens and earth, astronomy and dinosaurs. Really, this isn't a conflict of interest. Plenty of issues in both science and religion have no ready answer. I tell them "I don't know, ask G*d about it" when we get stumped. The children were less than receptive to "circle time" and manically so to  " TV newscasts". This means that they suck up as much information as possible so that they can stand behind a big foamcore TV and report everything they remember. Okay, mom can adapt.