Monday, June 25, 2012

" Did one of the children pee on the walk?"
" Don't think so, why"
" Is that a snake? WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? Looks parasitic. Is it going for the kids?"
" You catch it while I go inside and Google...uh...triangular headed worm thingy, okay?"
 This did actually net a citation for the critter. Its a Kews Garden Spade Headed Worm and they do not usually eat children. No reports of it, probably because the eaten children couldn't tell the tale. They are reputed to dine on slugs even though they are not French. This warmed me up to the Kews Worm since we have a slug problem in the garden, and worse, on the sidewalk where I walk barefooted too often. Sadly, the Coyote was holding the worm on a popsicle stick to better examine it from all angles and dropped our single worm. Seems that they also explode on impact. One worm covers roughly 60 square feet.