Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First hornet encounter

It started as one would expect; a screaming child wobbling into the house and clutching a leg. Angry puncture indicating the level of the attack was lower than flower height and lack of stinger adding evidence that this was not a bee. So, ice pack and Benedryl cream to the rescue as I suss out the story from the boy. Girls are hiding under the wagon he assures me, away from the corn snakes that sleep away the day under the salvaged barn like a bunch of  redneck rockstars. Before I can screech out the window for the girls to get know how the urban neighbors must love it when I do that... two little girls crawl from under the wagon dancing a mad Cherokee war dance and then begin the anticipated dash to the backdoor with the sadly anticipated screaming just one key higher than their brother's. Benedryl cream, half an Equate caplet apiece, and a cool cloth applied with a liberal dose of Arthur cartoons didn't bring them around.
Good thing there were pecans in the house. Some sugar, butter, and buttermilk made some praline perfume that had them dancing in no time. Now if I can just get the girls to stop with that danged Lady Gaga stuff.

Mama's Praline Cure
 1.5 c pecans, almonds, or walnuts
1 c brown sugar
1 c white sugar
2 TBSP butter. Real butter. Full fat, real salt. No messin'
2 TBSP buttermilk. Real cream can substitute but REAL stuff, please
vanilla. Good stuff, and close your eyes when you pour it or you conscience will stop you too soon
pinch of salt.

preface: Arrange little piles of nuts, each about the size of a biscuit,on a greased jelly roll pan.
coating: Use a medium soup pot. You will need more space than you think. Cook sugars and butter on medium hot until they reach 235 on a candy thermometer or if  children have smashed it in the drawer accidentally cook until it all turns the color of a new penny. Take off the heat at once, add vanilla and buttermilk or cream. This is when it will slosh and bubble dangerously. Use a long wooden spoon ( whisks clot with sugar, not like I would have tried that...ahem, well once) to whisk like mad, adding a pinch or two of salt to bring out the sweet flavor. Ladle over piles of nuts quickly, reheating if needed. Cool in freezer for about ten minutes.

Contemplate whether it would be a mortal sin to add bacon to such a beautiful thing as a praline.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bad day for white Tshirts and whiney mamas

 We went to Books and Blooms at the UT Gardens. I got in trouble but it was REALLY not my fault. A kid commandeered the Krazy Dancin' Flower Soaker and shot my white tank top and I did what any southern woman would do. I flipped the PVC " Swishy Car Wash" and blasted him back till he ran to his mama. "They" just don't do that there and apparently don't like it when someone tells them "well, you should try it".
And then when Eliana ran head on into the same kid while jumping the "Posey Spray Bouquet" and he squalled like a little girl ( he was like 7 or something!!!)) his mama was NOT pacified when I pointed out that he didn't hurt my tiny sweet girl so much since she wasn't being nearly the baby he was. The Faller Boys agreed with me pretty loudly but she wasn 't much into listening to four year olds I guess cause she really pulled up stakes and stomped off.
Stomp is a bad idea in a skirt and that much mud but it seemed rude to stop her. So it was NOT my fault when she flomped down into it. Nuh UH! But now we know where her boy got all that diva crybaby stuff.

Sigh. The world is just too confusing some days.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Inside the Human Body using the Magic School Bus as a guide. That should keep us busy for awhile

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

THREE big, happy achievements, today!  Baby A has learned to read, as evidenced by picking out some sight words from Apple, Banana, Cherry as well as some random ones that I wrote on our whiteboard ( many thanks for that, Amy!)
 Elias ACTUALLY learned to tie his sneakers. Not the nearly-learned-can-tie-with-supervision but the kind where he hid under the dining room table and didn't come out until he had tied perfectly. Then he whooshed out like Mumford theMagnificent performing feats of magic and displayed the lovely bow. He did this many times until the inevitable clonk to the head that comes from hiding under tables. I hope this was not a negative reinforcement to make him hateful of tying shoes.
We had Mama-made ORANGE JULIUS to celebrate. Well, it was sorta close and since none of the sibs had ever had an OJUL they were happy.
Fauxorange Julius
1 large can mandarin oranges
tbsp non dairy creamer
splash of whole milk
6 ice cubes
Whir for about the amount of time it takes to sing first chorus of  " Everybody Wang Chung Tonight". Made three Walmart superhero cups full.