Monday, July 22, 2013

Bad day for white Tshirts and whiney mamas

 We went to Books and Blooms at the UT Gardens. I got in trouble but it was REALLY not my fault. A kid commandeered the Krazy Dancin' Flower Soaker and shot my white tank top and I did what any southern woman would do. I flipped the PVC " Swishy Car Wash" and blasted him back till he ran to his mama. "They" just don't do that there and apparently don't like it when someone tells them "well, you should try it".
And then when Eliana ran head on into the same kid while jumping the "Posey Spray Bouquet" and he squalled like a little girl ( he was like 7 or something!!!)) his mama was NOT pacified when I pointed out that he didn't hurt my tiny sweet girl so much since she wasn't being nearly the baby he was. The Faller Boys agreed with me pretty loudly but she wasn 't much into listening to four year olds I guess cause she really pulled up stakes and stomped off.
Stomp is a bad idea in a skirt and that much mud but it seemed rude to stop her. So it was NOT my fault when she flomped down into it. Nuh UH! But now we know where her boy got all that diva crybaby stuff.

Sigh. The world is just too confusing some days.

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