Tuesday, July 16, 2013

THREE big, happy achievements, today!  Baby A has learned to read, as evidenced by picking out some sight words from Apple, Banana, Cherry as well as some random ones that I wrote on our whiteboard ( many thanks for that, Amy!)
 Elias ACTUALLY learned to tie his sneakers. Not the nearly-learned-can-tie-with-supervision but the kind where he hid under the dining room table and didn't come out until he had tied perfectly. Then he whooshed out like Mumford theMagnificent performing feats of magic and displayed the lovely bow. He did this many times until the inevitable clonk to the head that comes from hiding under tables. I hope this was not a negative reinforcement to make him hateful of tying shoes.
We had Mama-made ORANGE JULIUS to celebrate. Well, it was sorta close and since none of the sibs had ever had an OJUL they were happy.
Fauxorange Julius
1 large can mandarin oranges
tbsp non dairy creamer
splash of whole milk
6 ice cubes
Whir for about the amount of time it takes to sing first chorus of  " Everybody Wang Chung Tonight". Made three Walmart superhero cups full.

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