Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today she turned FOUR

Dance like everyone is looking...and they love it. Sing as loudly as possible and if you don't know the words make some up. Learn to say "NO" like you mean business. A sweet smile and batting eyes are the perfect distraction to making a quick getaway. Expect things and they will just happen.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adding nutrition

The Coyote is complaining that the children aren't eating well enough. After a brief review of their intake of pb&j chased with milk I had to agree. More vegetables, indeed. So this weekish they have been offered braised kale, homemade mashed potatoes, veggie fritatas, spinach salad, green beans, flaxed up oatmeal, Ancient Grains triple fiber bread, coleslaw, and a green veggie salsa sort of thing that had cucumbers, onions, celery, tomato, pepperoncini, and onion minced to top off hot dogs. The Boy ate some and had a few pickish bites of salsa steamed tilapia IF it was fed to him. He is five. It didn't happen for long. The baby ate two bites of everything which warmed my heart for a minute but then again she still nibbles around on dryer lint and bars of soap in an open-minded sort of way. It seems like the pickiness is more of a habit than a true dislike but in the spirit of not creating a dislike it seems wise to keep sliding these foods into their plates until they give in. Kale did seem to improve with a dash of ketchup ( antioxidants there).

Victory goes to she who won't quit.