Friday, March 4, 2011

Counterclockwise circles and eye contact

The book says the children will learn to write more easily if they practice counterclockwise circles. So far we get some intense squiggles. I thought making a  school-like setting would be fun for them but it didn't work today. I did discover that in addition to making interrogation-worthy eye-contact, the children prefer that I fire directions at them rapidly and nip them along . I will sleep the exhausted sleep of a blue heeler tonight. 
They loved chicken tacos with refritos and rice that was so mild I may name the dish Walter Mitty. Sour cream. Lobs of sour cream. And lemon ginger tea. One of two meals that got raves from them this week. What was the other?Thinkthinkthink...chicken and dumplings?? Beef mushrooms and gravy over rice? This domesticity taxes my memory. I'm sure I was a world class multitasker in the years BC. Before Children. 

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